Uri Argov Top CEO in Travel & Hospitality

Owler is a significant platform that is powered by over a million business professionals. The company’s platform is known for its extremely active community-based business insights, falling second only to LinkedIn.

In this platform, professionals from all industries are able to use it as a tool to stay ahead of the competition. With Owler, companies and business professionals are able to stay up to date on industry news in order to outsmart the competition.

Owler contributes with very precise and up-to-date information. Their strategy, simple. With their broad community base, composed by companies, its employers, its competitors, and industry leaders, they are able to gather knowledge and insights about numerous industries effortlessly.

owler-owl.jpgMembers from this community constantly contribute to competitive insights, more specifically, every six seconds! These insights can help estimate company revenue and give approval ratings for CEOs per industry.

As of this year, Owler began awarding and ranking CEOs in its business platform. Awardees are chosen by the 1 million business professionals that exist within Owler, who work across a vast number of industries.

Who can earn a 2017 Owler Top Rated CEO Award?

All CEOs across all cities and industries are eligible to win a Top Rated CEO Award. Once the ranking period has ended, before May 12th, the CEOs would have to meet the following criteria:

  1. Receive 10 + votes on Owler
  2. Be rated higher than 80 points
  3. Be in the top 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, or 100 CEOs chosen in their category

This year’s list of top rated CEOs was released during the last days of May, and our very own Uri Argov was awarded a spot within the Top CEOs in the Travel & Hospitality industry. Uri achieved 7th place, against a list of more than 100 other CEOs within the industry.

About Uri Argov

Uri Argov and his wife founded Tourico Holidays 23 years ago, and today runs a $1+ billion business that was named 3 times by Inc. Magazine as one of the Top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, and has 800 employees worldwide. Tourico Holidays is one of the first travel companies who use in-house technology to power their own travel search engine.

Sources: Owler, Travel Holdings 

Posted by Alicia Orta Stanford