Travelers Won’t Give Up Another Inch

Many of the luxuries and comforts that we once enjoyed while traveling 30,000 feet above the ground have already evaporated into thinner air. Airlines charge for extra bags, customers are often heard mumbling, “they used to serve free peanuts,” and worst yet, it seems like more and more seats are crammed into smaller planes. Well, travelers around the world are buckling up and standing their ground.

American-Airlines-Logo.jpgAccording to Skift, American Airlines has relented on a plan to shrink legroom on some of their airliners. Legacy carriers usually offer between 30 and 32 inches of seat pitch, but the company had considered dropping the seat space down to 29 inches, which is the amount that budget or discount airlines generally offer.

“It is clear that today, airline customers feel increasingly frustrated by their experiences and less valued when they fly,” American told employees. “We can be leaders in helping to turn around that perception, and that includes reviewing decisions that have significant impact on the flying experience.”

Being able to fit into your seat definitely impacts the flying experience. Good for American Airlines – and definitely good news for you.

Here’s some more travel news you can use:

  • Worried that your technology will be taken away while traveling? Don’t fret yet. The U.S. is seeking ways to head off a full laptop ban on flights. The Department of Homeland Security is exploring other options, besides a full-blown ban on laptops, tablets, and other devices. According to Bloomberg, enhancements in airport screening and reporting may be enough to prevent an expansion of the laptop ban.
  • Make American Tourism Great Again! The World Travel & Tourism Council is asking President Donald Trump to spur U.S. job growth in the tourism industry, instead of harming it. According to the WTTC report, the travel industry is the fourth largest by total employment and second largest in economic impact, with tourism supporting 14.2 million jobs in 2016. However, the WTTC is wary that Trump’s travel ban and the possible elimination of Brand USA would harm the travel industry and cost U.S. jobs. Travel industry leaders are simply asking for a seat at the table to discuss pro-tourism strategies.
  • Planning a trip to the UAE? You’re in luck. According to the Khaleej Times, hotel construction in the United Arab Emirates is booming and expected to peak in 2017 and 2018 as the country gears up for the Expo 2020, which is expected to draw millions of visitors from outside the UAE. In Dubai alone, an additional 28,900 rooms are predicted to be delivered in the run-up to the event.
  • If you like maintaining a (somewhat) sculpted body while on the road, but hate to leave your room, Hilton may have you covered. The hotel chain is piloting a new room category called Five Feet to Fitness. As Travel Weekly explains, the new rooms include a Wattbike and Gym Rax training station with weights, mats, resistance pulleys and a "Fitness Kiosk" touchscreen with more than 200 fitness videos.

Even I might get a quick sweat if the workout equipment is only five feet away…

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Posted by Pete Bahrenburg