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Exhibiting at a trade show is not only a great way to create brand awareness, but it is also a powerful medium to advertise your product or service to people and businesses in the travel industry.

Participating in a trade show will help your business network with other key individuals as well as other businesses, by doing this, your company would be able to branch out to trading, which would expand your business’ customer database from the visitors coming at your trade show’s booth display.

Why Should you Care about Attending a (good) Trade Show?

1. One-on-one interaction with buyers and decision makers

Trade shows bring together buyers and sellers from all across the world. In this scenario, businesses are able to connect with potential partners, buyers, and sellers. It is important to highlight that decision makers attend these exhibitions to stay up to date on current trends and industry developments, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to engage them while they are available.

2. Save your money: Marketing your products to various prospects at once

Trade-Show-2.jpgBy attending a trade show your business will be able to cut down costs per sale. Why? Since your business is able to interact with multiple buyers during a trade show, you will be reducing the cost per sale by being able to approach all of them at once, instead of approaching them one by one.

3. Save your time: Marketing and testing your product

Trade shows offer a unique opportunity for businesses to introduce their products and services into the market. Since it is very likely these products/services will receive immediate feedback from users attending the tradeshow, your business will be able to assess the sales potential its product/service has. Your time is valuable, so spend it wisely. When in a trade show, bring your A-game, these shows incentivize buyers to make quick purchasing decisions.

4. Gather market knowledge

These trade shows offer companies the possibility to gather market intelligence. Attend one and you will:

a. Learn about your industry and its trends.

b. Be able to observe and examine your competitor’s products/services.

c. Better understand how to position yourself more competitively.

After you are convinced of the benefits of attending a trade show, it is important to not just attend ANY tradeshow, but attend a GREAT trade show to maximize the opportunities of meeting and connecting with decision makers in the industry.


About IPW

IPW is a renowned international marketplace and a significant travel generator to U.S. During this tradeshow, thousands of U.S travel organizations and buyers from all over the world conduct business negotiations that lead to billions in future Visit USA travel. Tourico Holidays is proud to have been part of this trade show multiple times, in just three days participants are able to meet 1,300 international and domestic buyers from more than 70 countries. Negotiations during IPW result in more than $4.7 billion in future Visit USA travel.

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Posted by Alicia Orta Stanford