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Banking on a Bedbank

Posted by Colorina Ramos

There is no greater feeling than making a smart investment. Have you ever woken up one morning and decided to spend your savings on something you’ve...

Despacito, are People Traveling to Puerto Rico?

Posted by Pete Bahrenburg

Since the song came out in April, music listeners throughout the world have had “Despacito” stuck in their heads. The catchy song by Puerto Ricans Luis...

The Sharing Economy is Going Mainstream

Posted by Pete Bahrenburg

Today, travelers can turn to peer-to-peer networks for just about anything. Need someone to look after your pup, while you’re on the road? No problem....

Business Travel Turns Out to Be Good for... Businesses

Posted by Pete Bahrenburg

It may seem obvious, but as it turns out, domestic business travel is good for U.S. business. In fact, it’s really good. According to a new report by...

Tourico Celebrates its 23rd Anniversary!

Posted by Alicia Orta Stanford

It has been 23 years since Uri Argov and his wife, Miriam, founded Tourico Holidays!

Hyatt - Expedia Relations to Not “Pass Go”

Posted by Mallory Thomas

With summer travel underway, hotel chains are ramping up their efforts to force online travel agencies (OTAs) to draw a chance card. Garnering the most...