Hotelbeds Group leads the Travel Industry with Distributor Integration

Palma, October 4, 2017 - Hotelbeds Group, a leading distributor of hotels and ancillaries in the travel industry, has confirmed GTA has officially joined the Group

Powering global travel, GTA has provided easy access to a wide range of accommodation itineraries, and has succeded in the business-to-business travel trade for nearly four decades. Following the closure of customary and regulatory procedures, a strategic integration plan is currently being developed to welcome both GTA and Tourico Holidays into Hotelbeds Group.

"It gives me enormous pleasure to confirm that yet another leading bedbank - following the inclusion of Tourico Holidays in June - is now officially part of Hotelbeds Group", stated Executive Chairman of Hotelbeds Group, Joan Vila. 

Upon the announcement, a new leadership team was reported to employees and later published on Hotelbeds Group's website.

Joan Vila remains Executive Chairman of Hotelbeds Group, with Carlos Muñóz continuing his role as Managing Director Bedbank. Andres Garcia will also remain as the current Finance Director. 

Joining the organization is none other than Antonio Tazon, who has been appointed Non-Executive Director of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Advisory Committee, reflecting the Group's current position as both independent and significantly larger company. 

Since joining Hotelbeds Group in June, Tourico Holidays' integration procedure continues to progress. Over the next coming months, the company will provide frequent updates on upcoming procedures and what it means for its valued partners. 

Posted by Colorina Ramos